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With Ultimate Tracks, you will go places where not many travellers have been before you.

At Ultimate Tracks, we see the experience of the journey as its purpose.

We love travelling with people who are driven by curiousity end who can leave their 'western' values behind for some time.

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Most of our tours are 'self drive', usually in all-terrain vehicles. We often journey away from civilization.

Travelling in small, select groups makes sense in places where you would rather not travel by yourself.

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Since our first tour in 1996, with Landcruisers through the deserts of Oman, we are driven by experiences where changes in landscapes and peoples deepen the experience. If we have the choice between tarmac and cart tracks, we go for the cart tracks. We have led and accompagnied clients through African and Asian deserts, the grasslands of Mongolia, the Caucasus, the High Pamir, the Tien Shan and the steppes of Central Asia, in well-organized settings.

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The way we do things - usually

At Ultimate Tracks, we will do anything to keep our clients healthy, happy and whole. Health and safety are paramount.

Driving 'off the beaten track'does not mean that have to suffer and shudder in small tents. With Ultimate Tracks you sleep and eat in clean hotels and homestays.

We prefer to work with local partners. They speak the local dialect, they know where this track ends and they can speed things up at borders.

The Ultimate Track concept

You step out of a plane, get into your waiting car - and drive towards adventure. It is that simple. 

Ultimate Tracks is a member of the Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen (A.N.V.R.) , de Stichting Garantiefonds Reizen (S.G.R.) en het Calamiteitenfonds. (the Netherlands Society of Travel Agencies, the Travel Guarantee Fund, the Netherlands Calamity since 1995.