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GROUP TRAVEL. Maximum five cars, ten participants, two participants per vehicle.

Bring your own car, or let us rent one for you.

In twelve days from the easternmost point (Collioure in France) to the west, over the border with Spain, over the highest tracks of the Pyrenees range, via the Bardenas Royales desert, ending near Pamplona.

We make a detour through Andorra, to see the spectacular high valleys there. 

We stay in small, relaxed local hotels, guesthouses and B&B's.

At mealtimes, we wil be served the best of the North-Spanish kitchen.

We follow the Spanish (nice and warm...) side of the borderline.

Every now and then, our right front wheels touch French soil.

DIFFICULTY: easy to moderate. Well maintained mountain tracks, after rain: possibly somewhat slippery/muddy in places.